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Here is some information about a few of our suppliers. Obviously in our small shop we cannot stock everything but if you see something you like from one of the following suppliers let us know and we will probably be able to get it for you with one of our own orders.

Traidcraft is a Christian response to poverty, established in 1979 to fight poverty through trade. They break the cycle of poverty and despair by helping people to help themselves. Poor people have skills and ability, but often lack opportunity. Helping someone get engaged in trade and gain their fair share of the benefits offers a route to a brighter future for them, their families and their communities. Supported by their unique structure a trading company and a development charity working together Traidcraft has grown to become one of the leading players in the fairtrade movement with an international reputation for delivering practical help to small businesses across the developing world. Most of our food comes from Traidcraft as well a quite a lot of our craft items.

Shared Earth
As a Fairtrade company, Shared Earth has ethical as well as commercial aims. In particular they seek to ensure all their suppliers have safe working conditions, a reasonable wage and that minorities and children are not exploited. Where possible, they also seek to allow the community as a whole, as well as the individual, to benefit from their trade. Shared Earth also strives to minimise the impact their business has on the environment by trying to ensure that their suppliers use materials and production methods that have as little effect as possible on the environment.

Namaste has been trading fairly for ten years. They invest heavily in travelling to see suppliers and buy most of their products directly from the primary producers. They also buy some goods from larger fair organisations. From the point of view of the workers there are advantages to both, for example a large company is able to offer a secure job, and many more benefits such as free healthcare for the worker and their family and free education. They are also able to support community projects. One of their suppliers in India gives funding to 2 beautiful schools set in a remote village in Rajasthan, another in Nepal supports an orphanage providing amongst other-things, a water tank, food and blankets. All Namaste suppliers ensure that their workers are paid a fair price per piece, which is above the national average, and men and women are paid the same rate.

Other Suppliers

We also buy goods from New Overseas Traders - (also known as the India Shop). The India Shop is a family firm importing handmade goods from India who aim through fair trade to provide much needed employment particularly in rural areas and also to keep alive traditional craft skills.

We stock lovely bags from Mafana and Earth Squared, hats and gloves from Black Yak and scarves from York Scarves and Cool Trade Winds.

We buy some beautiful silver Jewellery from Luna Tree and Fair Grounds ideal for that special present.

We sell pretty strings of lights from Zhambala Arts and we support fair trade work in palestine with goods from Hadeel.

Some of our other suppliers are Tilnar Art, Global Crafts, and last but certainly not least

Felt So Good who specialise in wholesome hand made felt items including some adorable animals and lovely purses produced by craftspeople in Nepal using techniques handed down through the generations, and materials and dyes which are natural and biodegradeable. Needless to say the workers are paid a fair wage and enjoy excellent working conditions.


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